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Body Parts
Joint connecting hand and forearm 
Alternative name for trachea 
Tooth, hindmost molar 
Projecting facial hair 
Part of body above the hips 
Organ where offspring are conceived 
The Sky
Atmospheric conditions e.g. hot, rain 
Opposite of Waning (moon) 
First American to walk in space 
Milky ___ 
Theoretical hole through space-time  
Bird or aeroplane appendage 
Seven days 
Distance across something 
Day following Tuesday 
Quantity of heaviness 
Complete amount or sum 
Sine ___ or sinusoid (curve) 
Mixed Bag
Fundamental force 
Element: W (alternative name) 
Simple machine used in lifting 
Season between autumn and spring 
SI unit of magnetic flux (Wb) 
Alfred Russel: theory of evolution 
James: steam engine 
George ___ Carver: peanuts 
Christopher: astronomer & architect 
Wilbur and Orville: aviation 
James: structure of DNA 
Marsupial: family Macropodidae 
Marine mammal: infraorder Cetacea 
Mammal: genus Mustela 
Wild pig: genus Phacochoerus 
Insect: family Vespidae 
Marine mammal: genus Odobenus 

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