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Can you name the Presidents from Washington to Kennedy?

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Which President...President
Was the First president to be assassinated
Was the Second president to be assassinated
Was the Third president to be assassinated
Was the Fourth president to be assassinated
Died one month into office
Was the victor in the 1888 election but had fewer votes
Made the decision to drop the atomic bombs
Had the middle name 'Baines'
Was wounded five time in the American Civil War
Was nicknamed the 'Gentleman Boss'
The principle author of the Declaration of Independence
Was the fourteenth president of the United States
Had a Teddy bear named after him
Launched the New Deal
Was sworn in by his father in August 1923
Finished third in his bid for re-election
Purchased Alaska
Suffered a heart attack in Colorado in 1955
Which President...President
Was the first to be born an American citizen
Was the only bachelor president to occupy the White House
Was nicknamed 'Old Rough and Ready'
Was the shortest
Was the first millionaire President
Was nicknamed 'Young Hickory '
Killed a man in a duel
Was President during the Teapot Dome scandal
Led the nation through the Revolutionary War
Often swam naked in the Potomic River
Married his teacher
Admitted to the fact he had fathered an illegitimate child
Was the first President to travel to Europe as the President
Had the most children
Was once fined $20 for speeding on his horse
Was wounded in the Battle of Trenton
Was sworn into office before George Washington

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