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World Cup Runners-upA
FIFA presidentB
Luis Su√°rez bit this playerC
Alliterative manager of FranceD
World cup final venue: _______ do Maracan√£E
2014 official mascotF
Final goalscorer of the competitionG
Keeper who more saves in a World Cup match since records began (15) H
World cup final referee's nationalityI
A 36m tall statue of this person looked down on the matchesJ
Player with the most assists (four)K
Captain who lifted the 2014 FIFA World Cup trophyL
The World Cup's most exotic locationM
Golden Glove winnerN
12 June event: 15:15 local time (two words)O
Best young playerP
Iran's coachQ
Golden Boot winnerR
Title holders, who were eliminated at the group stageS
Number of teams competingT
Highest-ranking team to not qualifyU
Used to mark the spot where a defensive wall must stand (two words)V
These were first used in the USA's 2-2 draw with Portugal (two words)W
Swiss striker and hat-trick scorer _______ ShaqiriX
Color most worn at a Brazil matchY
Player who broke a vertebra in Neymar's backZ

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