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Where criminals are sent
Bladder that produces bile
Large enclosed shopping area
Steeped barley or other grain
What seawater tastes of
Fine 'dirt' found at the bottom of a lake
Where grain or grass may be stored
Venus de ____
Building equipped for grinding grain
Think about (something) deeply
Haul towards oneself
Knitting stitch
Free from contamination
Combustibles for burning a corpse
Without clothing
Large farm building
Brought into life
British ray (fish): the thornback
College building containing living quarters
The skin
Regard or consider in a specified way
Legal document regarding property ownership
Stopped living
Having two or more different colors
Airport terminal structure
Member of the British nobility
Take a quick or furtive look
Strongest part of a castle
Showing eagerness or enthusiasm
Perceived with the eyes
Appear to be
Noah's eldest son
Simple roofed garden structure
Furnished with footware
Where goods or services are sold
Waste water from a kitchen
Strike with the palm of the hand
Move wings (as a bird)
UK term for an apartment
Section of a Venetian blind
Object used for sitting on
Transmitted to a destination
Having gone somewhere
Have a desire to possess (something)
Diminish (as the moon)
Of sound mind
Not exposed to danger
Small restaurant selling meals and drink
Feel concern or interest
Central or innermost portion
Small shelter for animals
Australian actress: Blanchett
Hinged part of a fence
Furnished French holiday house
Hindi girl's name: short for Bhagavadgita
Venomous lizard: ___ Monster
Respiratory organ of fish
Occupy to total capacity
Descend under the force of gravity
Be unsuccessful in (something)
Where criminals are sent

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