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Can you name the 4 letter words that begin and end in vowels?

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ContinentA _ _ A
Vaulted recess in a churchA _ _ E
Not in favor ofA _ _ I
Oscar best movie titleA _ _ O
Egyptian god of the underworldA _ _ U
Old Testament bookE_ _ A
Great lakeE_ _ E
Small ornamental ladies' bagE_ _ I
Nymph spurned by NarcissusE_ _ O
Very light brownE_ _ U
US stateI_ _ A
Not in active useI_ _ E
Kaffir warriorsI_ _ I
Shakespearean villainI_ _ O
Inuit hut (alternate spelling)I_ _ U
Pods used in soups and stewsO_ _ A
Double-reed InstrumentO_ _ E
Latin prefix meaning 'All' or 'Every'O_ _ I
Capital city of NorwayO_ _ O
Island of central HawaiiO_ _ U
Bone in human forearmU_ _ A
Spur on or encourageU_ _ E
Large sweet juicy fruitU_ _ I
Cause to become looseU_ _ O
Literary language of PakistanU_ _ U

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