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Can you name the missing words from these Vincent van Gogh works?

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Basket of ___A
___ in ArlesB
The Night ___C
Portrait of ___ GachetD
Self-Portrait with Bandaged ___E
Wheat ___ with CypressesF
Self-Portrait Dedicated to Paul ___G
Portrait of a Man in a Top ___H
The ___ Mill in The HagueI
Portrait of the Postman ___ RoulinJ
Still ___ with Vegetables and FruitL
Water ___ at GennepM
The Starry ___N
The ___ TreesO
The ___ EatersP
The Hill of Montmartre with ___Q
Still Life: Vase with Pink ___R
A Pair of ___S
Still Life with ___ BooksT
Trees and ___growthU
___ of the Sea at ScheveningenV
Girl in ___ in the WoodsW
Trunk of an Old ___ TreeY
Vase with ___ and GeraniumsZ

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