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QUIZ: Can you name the words or phrases that begin with 'Bat'?

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ClueBat Word
Pencil and paper guessing game
Cuban President till 1959
Statistic measuring performance of baseball hitters
Capital of Louisiana
Quantity baked at one time
Cell, that produces an electric current
Arrested Development actor Jason
Second album by Meat Loaf
Chequered pink-and-yellow cake
Bibical wife of David and mother of Solomon
ClueBat Word
Wax-resist dyeing technique
Study of underwater depth of lakes or oceans
Canadian shallow-draft, flat-bottomed boat
You'd have to be Psycho to stay here the night
Jewish coming of age rituals for girls
What Bruce Wayne drives
Military unit of around 300–1200 soldiers
Siege engine used to break through fortifications
Where ladies powder their nose
Science fiction show starring Lorne Greene

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