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QUIZ: Can you name the cities ending in U ?

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Moldova's main industrial and commercial centre 
Three letter capital of the Pyrénées-Atlantique 
Spanish city anagram of 'A soul' 
Capital of the Swiss canton of Aargau 
Berlin borough where Rudolf Hess was incarcerated 
Administrative center of Rostov Oblast, Russia 
Chinese city known historically as Canton 
Largest city on the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan 
Philippines city anagram of Paul-Paul 
Nepalese city surrounded by four major mountains 
Capital and largest city of Bhutan 
Special Administrative Region of China 
North America
State capital of Hawaii 
70% of Bahama's poplation live here 
Capital and largest city of Dominica 
Second largest city in the United States by area 
Quebec city formerly called Hull 
Mali city on the southern edge of the Sahara 
Somalian capital, known locally as Xamar 
Capital city often shortened to Ouaga 
Capital city and 50% of its country's name 
Lesotho's capital city 
Largest city and economic centre of Benin 

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