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Body Parts
Lower arm bone 
Organ where foetus develops 
Flap-like structure in throat 
The navel (belly button) 
Tube conveying blood to heart 
Major chamber in the heart 
The Sky
Seventh planet from the sun 
All of space and everything in it 
Force that pushes object skyward 
One of the two equinoxes 
Second planet from the sun 
Second largest constellation 
Not the same value (≠) 
Hundreds, tens and _____ 
_____ quartile and Lower quartile 
Number we don't know (e.g. x or y) 
Amount of space inside solid figure 
Where edges of solids figure meet 
Mixed Bag
Semi-visible spectrum of light 
Element: U 
Twentieth letter of Greek alphabet 
Animal that possesses backbone 
Space entirely devoid of matter 
Element: V 
Harold: discover of deuterium 
Alessandro: electrical battery 
Antonie: father of Microbiology 
Craig: human genome 
Frederick: plate tectonics 
Emil Adolf ___ Behring: diphtheria 
Wild sheep: species Ovis orientalis 
Rainforest bird: genus Cephalopterus 
Monkey: subfamily Pitheciinae 
Andean mammal: family Camelidae  
Bird: family Accipitridae 
Rodent: family Cricetidae 

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