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A knife used traditionally by Inuit womenThree letters
Species of poisonous puffer fish eaten as a delicacyFour letters
A spiritual teacher or masterFour letters
Singer famous for her hit 'To Sir, with Love'Four letters
Desmond. Nobel Peace Prize winner 1984Four letters
The largest South African ethnic group Four letters
Viscous, slimy mixture secreted as a protective lubricantFive letters
A file or line of people waiting their turnFive letters
A film not shortened, as by an editor or censorFive letters
Commonly encountered, experienced, or observedFive letters
To take over or occupy without rightFive letters
Soft tissue seen dangling down over the back of the tongueFive letters
This month was originally named Sextilis in LatinSix letters
The time yet to comeSix letters
The coldest planet in the solar systemSix letters
A space entirely devoid of matterSix letters
The smallest quantity of some physical propertySeven letters
Friday the 13th is considered thisSeven letters
Large, carrion eating, bird of prey Seven letters
Underwater breathing device or Jethro Tull albumEight letters

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