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QUIZ: Can you name the _ _ T T _ _ words?

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Acquired as in 'ill ______ gains'
Complain in a low and indistinct tone
Despicable cad
Walk unsteadily like a small child
Talk casually about unimportant matters
Take up residence and become established
Having a higher temperature than
Electrical switch you can press
Sailing vessel with a single mast (or knife)
Projected out (like a rock)
Pancake mixture
Slang term for eccentric or crazy person
Glove that encases the thumb separately
″ ″ ″ ″ indicating repetition
Containing more moisture
Small piece of cloth or paper
Improved in health or physical condition
Container (often glass) for storing drinks
Palms used for wickerwork and furniture
Common fabric used in clothing
In good health: In fine ______
Actor Timothy or actress/model Lauren
Baby's toy
Domestic hen or one who poses for a portrait
Having indentations on the surface
More advantageous
Divulge information: ______ tattle
US general; known as Old Blood and Guts
Rubbish carelessly dropped
The second of two or the second mentioned

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