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Body Parts
Endocrine gland in the neck 
Second largest bone 
Leg part between hip and knee 
First digit of the human hand 
Enamel-coated structure in mouth 
Tissue attaching muscle to bone 
Element: Sn 
Element: Tb 
Element: Th 
Element: Ta 
Element: Tc 
Element: W 
Three-sided polygon 
Quadrilateral with two parallel sides 
Data arranged in rows and columns 
First prime number 
Change in position with no turn 
Mixed Bag
Force that tends to cause rotation 
Degree or intensity of heat 
Violently rotating column of air 
Largest moon of Saturn 
Instrument to view distant objects 
Constellation: the bull 
Nikola: alternating current 
Edward: father of hydrogen bomb 
Alan: code-breaking 
Benjamin: thermodynamics 
Kip S.: Gravitational physics 
Clyde: dwarf planet Pluto 
Amphibian: order Anura 
Mammal: genus panthera 
Marine reptile: order Testudines 
Spider: family Theraphosidae 
Insect: infraorder Isoptera 
Bird: genus Meleagris 

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