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German city nicknamed the Swabian metropolis 
Second largest city on the island of Ireland 
Belgium's second largest municipality by inhabitants 
Largest city in the German state of Hesse 
Capital city of Hungary 
The largest city in Romania 
Capital of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region  
Capital of Gilan Province, Iran (Harts anagram) 
Indian city previously known as Surya 
City and province (Thailand’s largest island) 
Lebanon's largest and main seaport 
Capital city of Uzbekistan 
North America
Largest suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area 
Origianlly named 'Frank’s Ford' Kentucky 
Rumeo & _____ (Shakespeare typo or Illinois city) 
The world's traditional automotive center 
Michigan city or Long John Silver's parrot 
Southernmost tip of the Florida Keys 
____ Harcourt, Nigeria or ____ Elizabeth, S.Africa 
One of the largest Saharan cities (Mauritania) 
Moroccan capital city on the Atlantic coast 
Most populous city of the state of Tasmania 
Australia's sixth most populous city 
Lower ____: Jabba's favorite New Zealand city 

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