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Can you name the things that contain ST twice?

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Person who puts patients to sleep
Scientist who studies celestial bodies
First spirit to visit Scrooge: Ghost of
Ashes to ashes ...
67°30 East of due North
Someone who cuts or beautifies coiffures
_____ __ _____, baby: Terminator catch phrase
Member of the Fantastic Four
Lack of confidence in someone arising from suspicion
Person in charge of mailing
Complete cessation of activity or progress (e.g. traffic)
Made overwhelmed/speechless by celebrity encounter
Small gun used in athletic track races
Collection and analyzing of numerical data
Female sibling by marriage
One (as a retailer) that holds particular goods
'You Make Me Feel Brand New' soul band
Rocky and Rambo actor
Houses of Parliament location
Bernstein and Sondheim's Romeo and Juliet musical

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