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Body Parts
Column of bones in the back 
Alternative name for breastbone 
Technical term for shoulder blade 
The major organ of digestion 
Skin covering top of head 
Sac that contains the testes 
Element: S 
Element: Ag 
Element: Na 
Element: Si 
Element: Sr 
Element: Sg 
Result of an addition problem 
Pefectly round solid figure 
Basic mathematical operation (-) 
Regular quadrilateral 
Fourth prime number 
Triangle with three unequal sides 
Mixed Bag
Solute + solvent 
Sixth planet from the Sun 
Study of earthquakes 
Common name for sodium chloride 
Glucose, sucrose or lactose 
Constellation: the Archer 
Claude Lévi: structural anthropology 
Erwin: quantum mechanics 
Ernst Werner von: Si unit (S) 
Carl: astronomy, cosmology 
B. F.: psychology and behaviorism 
Jonas: polio vaccine 
Arthropod: order Araneae 
Fish: suborder Selachimorpha 
Mammal: classification Pinniped 
Mammal: superfamily Musteloidea 
Mammal: genus: Ovis 
Bird: genus Cygnus 

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