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100% on the Countries of the World quiz
Got at least 9 right (50%) on Blender Settings
Won a challenge against another user
A quiz published in each category
Played Boroughs, Royal Parks, Football, Bridges, and Underground
A quiz published on the Sporcle home page
100% on the Presidents of the US quiz
Played a quiz from each category
Set a school in your profile
Got 100% on the Periodic Table quiz
Got 100% on the 50 States quiz
Played Boroughs, Landmarks, Facts, Restaurants and Retired-Yankee Numbers
100% on 1-100 and 1-100 Clickable Minefield
Created and verified an account on Sporcle
Played 1000 total quizzes
Got 100% on NBA Teams, NFL Teams, NHL Teams, and MLB Teams
Played 1000 total games in Geography
Played Finish the Xmas Song, Santa's Reindeer, and Buddy the Elf Food Groups on Xmas Day
Connected your profile to both Facebook and Twitter
Played 1000 total games in Movies
Played Beer consuming countries, Beer slogans, 96 Bottles of Beer ..., and Beers of the world
Played Groundhog Day, 'I Got You Babe' Type-a-Long, and Bill Murray Movies on Groundhog Day
Got 100% on Typing Challenge I, II, and III
Got 50% on Oscar Winners, Most Oscars Movies, and Oscar Nominations
Played Be My Valentine, Follow the Directions-Feb 14th & Profile: St Valentine on Feb 14th
Played Kinds of Pie and got at least ten correct answers on Digits of Pi on Pi Day
Got 50% on Top Food Chains A-Z, Sandwiches, Candy!, and Foods by Country
Played 1000 total games in Literature
Solved the Great Sporcle Puzzle Hunt
Played 25 total games with the Kyrgyzstan tag
Played Causes of Death and Taxing Countries on Tax Day (U.S.)
Played 1000 total games in Just For Fun
Got 100% on all the featured Letter Game quizzes
Played Star Wars Episodes, Star Wars Crawl, and Star Wars Planets on 4th May
Played 1000 total games in Sports
Won 100 challenges against other users
Played 25 total Star Trek games
Got 100% on Minute Math Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division & Mixed Operations
Got an Editor Pick in each category
Got 100% on Capitals of Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania
Got 100% on Country Trivia Logic Puzzle, True or False Logic, and Say No to Tic-Tac-Toe!
Played 25 total Harry Potter games
Played US Independence Day, Original 13 Colonies, and Grand Old Flag on Independence Day
Played 1000 total games in Music
Played 25 total Pokémon games
Played 1000 total games in Miscellaneous
Got 50% on Canadian: Country Quiz, Provinces, Populous Metros, O Canada Lyrics & NHL Teams
Played at least one game for one hundred consecutive days
Played 25 total Lord of the Rings games
Got 100% on Most Populous Nations Minefield, Eye Numbing # and Smallest-to-Largest Minefield
Played 233 total NFL games (just like Vinny)
Played 25 total Shakespeare games
Got 100% on Dog Breeds by Puppies
Got 100% on Flags of the World
Played 25 quizzes during Back to Sporcle week
Played A Pirate's Favorite Quiz, Pirates Close-Up, and Stupid Pirate Jokes on Talk Like a Pirate Day
Got 100% on Things Meat Loaf Won't Do For Love, Spacebar Challenge II, and Lightswitch Settings
Played 1000 total games in Television
Played 25 total Broadway games
Got 100% on 3 Letter Body Parts, Head-to-Toe Blitz, Things In People, Body Systems & Human Bones
Played 260 total Premier League games (Alan would be so proud)
Played Famous Faces by Carved Pumpkin, Candy!!!, and A Halloween Murder Mystery on Halloween
Referred 5 friends to Sporcle (Go to your profile to credit the Sporcle user who referred you)
Played 50 total Doctor Who games
Played 1000 total games in History
Got 100% on Commonest English Words
Got 50% or better on Happy Animals, Sad Animals, and Angry Animals
Played 25 total Hunger Games games
Got 100% on Countries of the Word (Redux), Capitals of the World (Redux), and US Presidents (Redux)
Played 25 total James Bond games
Got 50% or better on Australian States, Australian Capitals, and Australian Animals
Got 100% on Corporate Logos, Corporate Logos II, and Corporate Logos III
Played 1000 total games in Science
Played Who was the Doctor?, Bill and Ted History and Back to the Future Quotes
Got 50% or better on Forty Famous Women, Female Firsts and Women in the Bible
Got 100% on Monopoly (American), Risk, Cluedo (Clue) and Games by Cupcake
Played 10,000 total games
Played at least 25 games in one day
Played 25 total Baby Names games
Played all the D-1 Schools games
Played Kiss Me...I'm Irish!, Things That Are Green and The St. Patrick's Day Quiz on St. Patrick's Day
Played at least one MLB game for 56 consecutive days
Played 25 total Disney games
Played How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9
Won 100 challenges against the Sporcle computer
Played 1990s Blitz, Fresh Prince Theme, '90s Video Games, 'Irony' - Alanis Morissette, and Faces on TIME (1990s)
Played 1000 total games in Language
Got 100% on US Capitals
Played 25 total Geography games in one day
Played 1000 total games in Gaming
Have at least 25 friends on Sporcle
Got 100% on Geography Bunker, Movies Bunker, and US Presidents Bunker
Played 25 total A Song of Ice and Fire games
Played 25 total Beatles games
Got 100% on Planets from the Sun, Simple Machines, and Prime Numbers
Played 1000 total games in Entertainment
Played 25 World Cup games
Had 10 games published to the Sporcle homepage
Played at least 25 Movies games in one day
Played at least one game for thirteen consecutive days
Played 25 total Friends games
Got 100% on Red Things, Orange Things, Yellow Things, Green Things, Blue Things, and Purple Things
Played 60 total 1 minute games
Played 1000 total games in Religion
Got 100% on African Border Bash, American Border Bash, Asian Border Bash and European Border Bash
Played at least 25 Sports games in one day
Played on Harry Potter: Close-Up!, Hogwarts Wizard Training and Harry Potter Minefield on Harry Potter's birthday
Played 25 total Mario games
Played 25 total Figure Out the Lyrics games
Played an unpublished, Editor Picked game in each category
Played Monarchs of England, Prime Ministers of the UK and Countries of the British Empire
Got 50% or better on The Uncheatable Challenge and Heads or Tails?
Played 50 total Simpsons games
Play 300 games in September
Uploaded a profile picture to your Sporcle account
Played 75 Logic games
Played Follow That Line: Mean Girls, 'Mean Girls' Character Images, and Things That Are Pink on Oct 3rd
Played 1000 Clickable games
Got 100% on College Logos I, II, and III
Played 13 games in each category during the month of October
Played Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, and Sigourney Weaver movies
Played 25,000 total quizzes
Played 25 Science quizzes in one day
Got 50% on Michael Jackson Albums, Michael Jackson Singles, and Lyric Map: Black or White
Played 10 games on your Sporcle birthday
Play 25 World Series games in the month of October
Got 75% or better on the V For Vendetta Opening Monologue quiz on November 5th
Got 100% on Drawing a Blank 1, 2, and 3
Got 50% or better on Lego Landmarks, Movies by Lego and Gaming with Legos
Play 15 food quizzes on a Tuesday
Got 50% or better on Street Suffixes
Won 500 challenges against other users
Played 25 total Monty Python quizzes
Got 50% on Monster Movie Mania, Zombieland - Rules to Survive and Click the Vampire
Played 200 games you haven't played before, during November
Got 50% on Countries with Most Airports, Nonstop - US to Paris, JFK Intl. Destinations, Which Flight is Longer?
Played 215 NHL games
Played 25 total Mythology games
Played 25 Futurama games
Got 100% on Criteria Characters: Breaking Bad and Breaking Bad: Dead or Alive?
Played 25 games in Television in one day
Got 50% on Cities of Germany, Country Quiz: Germany, States of Germany, and German Chancellors
Got 100% on 151 Original Pokemon
Played 50 Chemistry games
Played 25 movie games and 25 restaurants games on Saturday
Got 100% on Almost Useless Trivia I,II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, & VIII
Get 100% on 100 games in December
Played 250 Blitz games
Played 1000 total games in Holiday
Got 100% on Car Logos
Got 50% on Coldest Countries, Coldest States, Snow Globes of World Cities ... and Frosty Famous Folks
Got 50% on Festivus Facts, Angry TV Characters, Famous Wrestlers and Holiday by Dumb Description on Dec 23rd
Played 25 total Pixar games
Played 25 total Literature games in one day
Played 1000 Picture Box games
Got 50% or better on New Year's Eve Movies, U.S. City by Fireworks, and Quiz for Hangovers on New Year's Eve
Played 25 Marvel and 25 DC Comics games
Played 50 Classic, 50 Clickable, 50 Picture Box, 50 Slideshow, and 50 Map games in the month of January
Got 50% or better on I Will Survive, Single Ladies, Rolling in the Deep, and R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
Got 50% or better on Cities of Spain, Country Quiz: Spain, Regions of Spain and Monarchs of Spain
Got 50% or better on Faces on Time (1980s), 1980s Blitz and The Great 1980s Quiz
Played one quiz in each category on a Friday
Played 50 total Math quizzes
Got 100% on Chinese Zodiac Signs, 12 Signs of the Zodiac, and Birthstones
Got 50% on Largest Lakes, Longest Rivers, Deepest Oceans and Seas and Countries with Tallest Waterfalls
Played 25 total Music quizzes in one day
Played 50 total Star Wars quizzes
Got 100% on Shakespeare Plays
Played 25 total SpongeBob quizzes
Got 100% on Famous Faces (Badly Drawn) I, II, and III
Played 40 quizzes on each day of the week in February
Won 10 challenges against other users in one day
Got 50% or better on Profile: George Costanza, G.C. Marine Biologist, and Seinfeld: George's Answering Machine
Played 50 total Young Adult quizzes
Had 10 quizzes published in the Just for Fun category
Played 1,000 Slideshow quizzes
Got 50% or better on 20 Largest Japanese Cities, Prefectures of Japan, Periods of Japan and Country Quiz: Japan
Played 100 NBA quizzes (Just like Wilt in '62)
Played 10 quizzes between noon and 1 p.m. on one weekday
Got 50% or better on Countries of the British Empire, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, and Spanish Empire
Got 100% on Criteria Countries: Europe, South America, Africa, and North America
Played 50 total animal quizzes
Played 10 games each from Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and Tonys
Got 50% or better on Faces on TIME (1970s), 1970s Blitz, and 1970s World History
Played 250 total unpublished quizzes in the month of March
Played 50 total Quote quizzes
Played Friday & 13: The Clickable Love Story, Numbers That Equal 13 & Common Superstitions on Friday the 13th
Got 50% or better on Country Quiz: France, Populous French Cities, Monarchs of France, and Regions of France
Played 25 Gaming quizzes in one day
Got 100% on Find That Country: Hot or Cold I, IV, V, VI, and VII
Played 25 total Reality TV quizzes
Played 25 total Minefield quizzes on a Monday
Played 1,000 Map quizzes
Got 50% or better on Green Movies, Green Characters, Foods That Are Green, and Going Green
Got 100% on Countries of Antarctica, Impossible Quiz and Click the Correctly Spelled 'K'ountry on April 1st
Got 100% on Beatles Albums
Got 50% or better on Smallest-to-Largest Planets, Phases of the Moon, Countries in Space, and Space Mammals
Played 25 quizzes from each of the following time limits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 minutes during the month of April
Played 50 total Biology quizzes
Played 10 quizzes between midnight and 3am
Got 50% or better on Roald Dahl Books by Cover, by Opening Line, by Character Match-Up and by Adaptations
Played 25 total Language quizzes in one day
Played Composition of Air, Continents by Forest Area, and Green Energy on Earth Day
Played 25 total Art quizzes
Played 25 total Monopoly quizzes
Got 100% on 10 quizzes you have never played before
Got 50% or better on Nationality of Passengers, Follow That Line and How Much Do You Know ... Titanic?
Played 15 unpublished, Editor-Picked quizzes in each category during the month of May
Had 5 Movies quizzes published
Got 100% on Movie Quotes I, II, III, IV and V
Played 25 total Car quizzes
Played Whacking Day Hymn, The Simpsons Minefield, and Venomous or Not? on May 10
Got 50% or better on Cities of Russia, Country Quiz: Russia, Rulers of Russia, and Russian Literature
Played 15 total History quizzes on a Thursday
Played 316 total WWE quizzes
Got 100% on Country, World Language, 'Food, Drink, and Poison' and Animal Sorting Blitzes
Got 100% on Ancient Wonders, Plagues of Egypt, and Ancient City Slideshow
Played 10 quizzes between 8 AM and 10 AM in one day
Played 50 total Biography quizzes
Got 100% on Prime Ministers of the UK
Got 50% on 1960s Blitz, Faces on TIME (1960s), and 1960s Match-Up
Played 50 total quizzes on the 1st day of the month
Played 200 total quizzes at various times of the day during the month of June
Flag Fiend Played 50 total Flags quizzes
Got 50% or better on India's Borders, Country Quiz: India, and States of India
Played 25 total South Park games
Played 25 total Entertainment quizzes in one day
Got 100% on Poker Hands: Best to Worst and Speed Poker: 30 Hands in 60 Seconds
Played 25 total poem games
Got 50% or more on Cartoon Silhouettes, Sports Logo Silhouettes, and Corporate Logo Silhouettes
Got 100% on 100 quizzes you have never played before
Had 5 Geography quizzes published
Played 250 quizzes and get more than 50% on them in July
Played 50 total Billboard games 5 users have this badge
Got 50% or more on Shark Attack!, Shark Week, and Shark Anatomy
Played French History Match-Up, Bastille Day, and Countries of the French Empire on Bastille Day (July 14)
Got 100% on Clickable Concentration
Got 50% or more on States of Mexico, Country Quiz: Mexico, and Populous Mexican Cities
Played 100 total food games
Referred 15 friends to Sporcle
Got 100% on Fabulous Fonts and Fabulous Fonts II
Played 25 total Religion quizzes in one day
War Games Played 50 total War games
Got 100% on 25 published Word Ladder quizzes
Won 150 challenges in August (vs. other users and/or the Sporcle computer)
Got 100% on Harry Potter Top 200
Got 50% or more on Country Quiz: Egypt, Governorates of Egypt, and Nile River Countries
Played 25 total The Big Bang Theory quizzes
Played 1,000 Classic quizzes
Got 100% on Are You Smarter Than a College Student? I, II, III, IV, and V.
Got 100% on Commonly Misspelled Words I, II, and III.
Played 22 quizzes that were published in 2007
Got 50% oor more on The Sporcle Viewfinder, Tallest Building Cities (US), and 12 Silhouettes of Famous Buildings
Played 15 2 minute quizzes in 1 day
Played 25 total Anatomy quizzes
Played 100 total This or That quizzes
Got 50% or more on Fictional Characters Who Are Red, Foods That Are Red, Red Logos, and 'Red' Literature Match
Got 100% on Movie Posters I, II, III, IV, and V
Played 25 total Family Guy quizzes
Played at least one Geography quiz for 80 consecutive days
Got a Curator Pick
Get 100% on NFL Career: Passing Yard Leaders, TD Leaders, Rushing Leaders and Receiving Yard Leaders
Get 50% or more on States of Brazil, Country Quiz: Brazil, and Cities of Brazil
Play 25 Miscellaneous quizzes in one day
Play 15 quizzes between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
Get 50% or more on Top Beef, Pork, & Poultry Producers, World Turkey Population, and World Sheep Population
Play 25 total Legend of Zelda quizzes
Get 50% or more on Comedy Movie Posters, Comedy Movies by Tagline, and AFI 100 Years 100 Laughs
Play 25 5 minute quizzes in 1 day
Have 5 quizzes published in the Sports category
Play 10 quizzes between 6 AM and 8 AM in one day
Play 100 quizzes that were published in 2008
Get 100% on Multi-Category Minefield Blitz I, II, III, IV, and V
Get a Curator Pick in each category
Get 100% on Top US Universities and Top UK Universities
Play 25 total Taylor Swift quizzes
Get 50% or more on Country Quiz: China, Provinces of China, and China's Borders
Have 5 Clickable quizzes published
Play 25 3 minute quizzes in 1 day
Play 100 total US Presidents quizzes
Get 100% on 30 in 60: State Capitals, Music Artists, TV Characters, and Classic Novels
Get 50% or more on Horror Movies Taglines, Horror Movie Posters, and Alfred Hitchcock Movies
Get 100% on James Bond Movies
Play 197 total country games
Play 25 total History quizzes in one day
Get 50% or more on Original SNL Cast, SNL Hosts, SNL Celebrity Impressions, and Most Seasons on SNL
Play 25 total Golf quizzes
Get 100% on US States: Elements: Countries of Europe and Days & Months Letters Minefields
Get 50% or more on Regions of Italy, Country Quiz: Italy, and Cities of Italy
Play Thanksgiving Dinner Logic Puzzle, Macy's Parade Balloons and Thanksgiving Dinner States on Thanksgiving
Play 100 total Cartoons quizzes
Play 25 total Slideshow quizzes in one day
Play 50 total Border quizzes
Get 100% on Smallest-to-Largest Planets, Shortest-to-Longest Minefield, and Youngest to Oldest Minefield
Play 25 total Director quizzes
Get 50% or more on 1970s Lyric Match, 1980s Lyric Match, 1990s Lyric Match, and 2000s Lyric Match
Play 15 quizzes between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. in one day
Get 50% or more on 1950s Match-Up, 1950s Blitz, and Faces on TIME (1950s)
Get 100% on Absent Letter Countries, Absent Letter Countries II, and Absent Letter Countries III
Play 25 total 4 minute quizzes in 1 day

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