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Crosby Stills Nash song about the assassination of Robert Kennedy
Carly Simon song possibly written about Warren Beatty (Well he thinks so)
Beatles song inspired by a picture of an African woman suckling her child
Clash song about an Arab ruler who bans music, but is defied by his citizens
Paul Simon song about his marriage break-up
Phil Collins song written about his divorce
Who song the BBC originally refused to play because it might offend stutterers
Elton John song originally written about Marilyn Monroe
Don McLean song inspired by the death of Buddy Holly
Pogues song about the Irish Immigrant's escape from the potato famine
Van Morrison song about an interracial relationship
Madonna's Pepsi song that earned her $5m despite being aired only once
Pink Floyd song about Syd Barrett's ordeals with drugs and schizophrenia
Bob Dylan's song, his only #1 (for 'The Byrds' !)
David Bowie song inspired by Frank Sinatra's 'My Way'
Kinks song inspired by a transvestite
Nirvana song inspired by spray painting that smelt like Cobain's girlfriend's deodorant
Meatloaf song about the fatal crash of a motorbike rider
Chili Peppers song about a place where Anthony Kiedis often bought drugs
Michael Jackson song about a persistent stalker
REM song originally chosen to be the “Friends” theme song
Coldplay song inspired by a phrase on a Frida Kahlo painting
Rolling Stones song about Keith Richards' gardener (Jack Dyer)
Little Richard song about the town drunk
Lynyrd Skynyrd song about a man who can't settle down and make a commitment

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