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Can you name the meaning of these Cockney Rhyming Slang phrases?

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Cockney Rhyming SlangMeaning
Apples and Pears
Barney Rubble
Currant Bun
Dog and Bone
Elephant's Trunk
Frog and Toad
Gipsy's Warning
Hank Marvin
Inky Smudge
J. Arthur Rank
King Lears
Loaf of Bread
Mutt and Jeff
Cockney Rhyming SlangMeaning
North and South
Oxford Scholar
Pen and Ink
Quaker Oat
Rosie Lee
Sherbert Dab
Trouble and Strife
Uncle Willy
Vera Lynn
Whistle and Flute
Yo-Yo Ma
Zippy and Bungle

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