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Can you name the height of one famous person relative to that of another famous person?

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Famous People A-ZType Taller (T) or Shorter (S)
Is Woody Allen taller than Rick Astley ?
Is Ludwig Van Beethoven taller than Napoleon Bonaparte ?
Is James Cagney taller than Gary Coleman ?
Is Sammy Davis Jr. taller than Danny DeVito ?
Is Zac Efron taller than Linda Evangelista ?
Is Michael J. Fox taller than Peter Falk ?
Is Gandhi taller than Al Gore ?
Is Alfred Hitchcock taller than Harry Houdini ?
Is Will I Am taller than Enrique Iglesias ?
Is Elton John taller than Davy Jones ?
Is Nikita Khrushchev taller than Martin Luther King ?
Is Toulouse-Lautrec taller than Christopher Lee ?
Is Harpo Marx taller than Dudley Moore ?
Is Baby Face Nelson taller than Brigitte Nielsen ?
Is Kelly Osbourne taller than Aristotle Onassis ?
Is Roman Polanski taller than Prince ?
Is Suzi Quatro taller than Dennis Quaid ?
Is Christopher Reeve taller than Mickey Rooney ?
Is Paul Simon taller than Joseph Stalin ?
Is Uma Thurman taller than J. R. R. Tolkien ?
Is Carrie Underwood taller than Keith Urban ?
Is Lee Van Cleef taller than Jean Claude Van Damme ?
Is Robert Wadlow taller than Elijah Wood ?
Is Xavi taller than Xzibit ?
Is Angus Young taller than Neil Young ?
Is Frank Zappa taller than Renee Zellweger ?

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