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Can you name the four letter words in the cartoon related word ladders?

Featured Jul 16, 2011

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The Simpsons
**** Simpson 
Series of names or items 
Clenched hand 
Abstain from eating food 
Time that has gone 
Less than the whole 
**** Simpson 
Looney Tunes
**** Bunny 
Floor coverings 
Moves swiftly on foot  
Ancient Scandinavian letter 
Low hill of drifting sand 
Immerse briefly into a liquid 
Daffy **** 
Beep Beep
**** E. Coyote 
Not tame 
Coat with [rung below] 
Precious metal 
As **** as [rung above] 
Cross, as used in crucifixion 
**** Runner 
Friend of Beavis [Part 1] 
Hit a baseball lightly 
Undersized (domestic) animal 
Payment by a tenant 
Violently rip or tear 
Interpret something written 
Friend of Beavis [part 2] 
Feel concern for 
The ace of diamonds 
Not easy 
Group of cattle or sheep 
German equivalent Mister 
Perceive sound 
Support or sustain 
Hank and Peggy
Important chess piece 
Showing consideration 
Make a discovery 
Being in good health 
Form a line or queue 
Occupy the whole of 
Natural elevation of land 

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