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★ First word of a Shakespeare play title ★
____, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio (Hamlet)
____ Rickman (Ex Royal Shakespeare Company actor)
Rise Richard, like a true ____tagenet (Henry VI)
A Midsummer Night's Dream for example
Lady Macbeth had a cunning one
Why then tonight let us assay our ____ (Helena)
Ink stain make by Shakespeare quill
I'll wear a ____, to make it somewhat rounder (Thurio)
The sailors sought for safety by our ____ (Aegeon)
Or at their chamber door I'll ____the drum (King Lear)
Hath leap'd into my ____; the thought whereof (Iago)
And ____ the title with a lovely kiss (Petruchio)
I will buy with you, ____ with you ... (Shylock)
★ Second word of a Shakespeare play title ★
Brief sounds determine of my ____ or woe (Juliet)
Ere we will eat our ____ in fear and sleep (Macbeth)
It is ____ and drink to me to see a clown (Touchstone)
Even at thy ____ thou hadst thy tyranny (Lavinia)
★ Third word of a Shakespeare play title ★
____'s in a name? That which we call a rose (Juliet)
Woe, woe for England! not a ____ for me (Lord Hastings)
What you do in a queue for a Shakespeare play
Thomas ____ (minor Henry IV character) or skin blemish
His son was but a ____ two years ago (Capulet)
Shakespeare: The ____ of Avon
My household stuff, my field, my ____ ... (Petruchio)
For a barber shall never ____ sixpence (Falstaff)
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ____ (Antony)
Not where he ____, but where he is eaten (Hamlet)
Talking trees (Tolkien not Shakespeare !)
★ Fourth word of a Shakespeare play title ★
No ifs, ____ or buts
All ____ themselves made fairer by their place (poem)
What of death too that ____ our dogs of languish (Cleopatra)
I have thirty miles to ____ yet ere dinner time (Henry V)
Some ____ by sin, and some by virtue fall (Escalus)
A ____ by any other name would smell as sweet (Juliet)
Give me my ____, put on my crown (Cleopatra)
__ __ or not __ __ that is the question (Hamlet)
Large Shakespearean book !
And one man in his ____ plays many parts (Jaques)
His brains are forfeit to the next ____ that falls (Bertram)
For I ne'er saw true beauty ____ this night (Romeo)
Shortened form of Shakespeare's first name
★ Fifth word of a Shakespeare play title ★

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