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Can you name the seven letters words with R in the middle?

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State of lawlessness and disorderA
Country in the Persian GulfB
Spicy Spanish pork sausageC
Three dimensional sceneD
Beyond a norm in views or actionsE
U.S. stateF
Small cucumber pickled wholeG
New Testament bookH
Get better atI
Daily record of news and eventsJ
2001: A Space Odyssey directorK
Building containing collections of booksL
Move from one country to anotherM
Capital city of KenyaN
Perform surgery onO
Ancient Egyptian kingP
Make reparations or amends forR
Simple and severe; with no comfortS
Large gland in the neckT
Feeling of anger caused by being offendedU
Itinerant, wanderer, vagabondV
Legal document for an arrest or searchW
Chemical element with symbol YY
Offspring of an ass and a zebraZ

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