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Can you name the seven letters words with P in the middle?

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Where flights arrive and depart fromA
Unsophisticated countryside personB
Modern Times comic actorC
Complete loss or absence of hopeD
Became active (of a volcano)E
Turned over (a pancake)F
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and JohnG
Barbed spear-like missileH
Breathe in (air)I
Leaping upwardsJ
Capital city of UgandaK
Ridicule with satireL
Largest city of TennesseeM
Be overly critical; criticize minor detailsN
Low or cheap time for travelO
Large fruit with a thick rindP
Made a witty remarkQ
Feeling of deep admiration for someoneR
Garden of Eden reptileS
Violent windy stormT
Modelled on an pefect stateU
Dracula was oneV
Packaging that encloses chocolate barW
Young upwardly mobile professionalsY
Striking with a beam of energyZ

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