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Can you name the seven letters words with O in the middle?

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ROYGBIV for instanceA
Knife fixed to the end of a rifleB
Artery supplying blood to the headC
Kerr or HarryD
Add details; clarify the meaning ofE
Low-altitude display of aircraft F
Strangle with a length of wire or cordG
Chief (good) female character in a bookH
Itemized statement of money owedI
Form of the Hebrew name of GodJ
Author: On the RoadK
Fatty substance found on sheep's woolL
Papa Don't Preach singerM
Lolita authorN
Tenth month of the yearO
Maryland and Virginia boundary riverP
Italian dish of rice cooked in stockR
Word that means the same as anotherS
Mathematical proposition or formulaT
Confirms or supports (original decision)U
Leave hurriedly from; decampV
Man whose spouse has diedW
Abnormal dryness of the skinX
Cells formed when an egg and spermZ

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