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Can you name the seven letters words with N in the middle?

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Forsake, leave behindA
Debbie Harry's groupB
Join (two or more things) togetherC
Diminish in size or numbersD
Latter part of the dayE
Woman engaged to be marriedF
Simone Biles or Max WhitlockG
Inhabited by a ghostH
Poor health; maladyI
17th (and 36th) U.S.PresidentJ
Worf's Star Trek speciesK
Where clothes are washed and ironedL
Asian countryM
Female goatsN
Large South American riverO
One of Santa's reindeerP
Group of five performers or singersQ
Arch of colours visible in the skyR
Italian equivalent to Mrs.S
Lightnings partnerT
Radioactive metallic elementU
Hard, protective finish for wood (or nails)V
Crease in the skin caused by agingW
Not as old asY
Jewish movement founded by Theodor HerzlZ

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