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QUIZ: Can you name the seven letters words with K in the middle?

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Rouses from sleepA
Peninsula in southeast EuropeB
The Cherry Orchard dramatistC
Oliver Twist authorD
Book of the Old TestamentE
Meet the _______: 2007 movieF
Tropical nocturnal lizardsG
North American hardwood nut treeH
Bird noted for thieveryJ
Largest city in IndiaK
Letting in waterL
The human race (collectively)M
Strip of material worn under the collarN
Making a noise like a pigO
Parcel: object wrapped in paperP
Christian sect founded by George FoxQ
Chairs that move backwards and forwardsR
One of the four main islands of JapanS
Thanksgiving birdsT
Take away ones proficiency (in)U
River in northwestern RussiaV
Saturday and SundayW
MLB teamY
Hitting or striking (informal)Z

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