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Can you name the missing words relating to these historic September dates?

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1st (1972)Bobby Fischer becomes world _____ champion
2nd (1969)The original Star ____ airs its final episode
3rd (1658)Richard ________ becomes Lord Protector of England
4th (1886)Apache chief ________ surrenders to U.S. government troops
5th (1972)Israeli athletes taken hostage by Palestinian terrorists at the ______ Olympics
6th (1901)President ________ is shot and fatally wounded in Buffalo, New York
7th (1986)Desmond ____ becomes Archbishop of Capetown
8th (1988)___________ National Park is closed for the first time in its history due to fire
9th (1969)The Canadian official languages act recognizes ______ as equal to English
10th (1823)Simón _______ is named President of Peru
11th (2001)Terrorist attacks on the World _____ Center and Pentagon
12th (1940)The Lascaux cave paintings are accidently discovered by teenagers searching for their ___
13th (1814)Francis Scott Key writes the Star- ________ Banner
14th (1960)The Organization of the _________ Exporting Countries is founded
15th (1951)China takes control of the capital of 'The roof of the _____' Tibet
16th (1932)______ begins his hunger strike in India
17th (1978)The Camp _____ accords are signed by Israel and Egypt
18th (1975)Newspaper heiress Patty ______ is arrested for armed robbery
19th (1928)Walt Disney's 'Steamboat ______' shown for the first time
20th (1973)Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs in Tennis Battle of the _____
21st (1937)J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The ______' is first published
22nd (1869)The opera Das Rheingold composed by Richard ______ premieres
23rd (1962)The Lincoln Center for the __________ arts opens in New York
24th (622)The Prophet Muhammad completes his journey from _____ to Medina
25th (1954)Francois 'Doc' Duvalier wins presidential election in _____
26th (1580)Drake circumnavigates the world in the Golden ____
27th (1922)King Constantine I of ______ abdicates
28th (1678)Pilgrim's ________ published
29th (1916)John D. ____________ becomes the world's first billionaire
30th (1938)Chamberlain declares ‘_____ for our time’

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