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Can you name the words whose second letter is 'Q'?

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An illegible scrawl
22 September and 20 March for example
Make a noise like a pig
Make a noise like a mouse
Fast-swimming cephalopod mollusc
Provide with (something)
Math statement that two expressions are equal
T-shaped cleaning implement
Tank used for keeping fish
Extremely drunk
Conventional or old-fashioned (or a 2D shape)
Eleventh sign of the zodiac
Scandinavian liquor flavored with caraway seeds
Partially close the eyes
Horse or member of the horse family
Occupy (a dwelling) illegally
Smallest army unit
Imaginary line around the Earth
Argue over petty things
Move in a twisting or contorted motion
Sudden discharge (of liquid)
Make a noise like a parrot
Extremely dirty and unpleasant
Firecracker that burns but doesn't explode
Waste (especially money or time)
Young nobleman attendant on a knight
Give the wet cloth a wring
Sudden violent wind
Having the same quantity or measure
Edible fruit; eaten as a vegetable

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