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Third largest city in the United Kingdom 
Host of the first modern-day Olympic Games 
Capital of Lithuania, and its largest city 
De facto the capital of the European Union 
French city and famous royal château 
Second-largest city in Denmark 
Most populous city in Africa  
South African city or mattress components 
Tunisia's largest city 
Strait of Gibraltar city (British English spelling) 
Major Senegal (or Missouri) city  
Capital of Algeria 
North America
Capital city of Grenada 
1492, Ohio 
Twin Cities: ___________–Saint Paul  
Translates to 'from the monks' or 'of the monks' 
Maryland location of the US Naval Academy 
Largest city of Saint Lucia 
South America
Second-largest metropolitan area in South America 
Birthplace of Simón Bolívar, Venezuela 
Argentinian city or girl's name used by Karl Benz  
São Paulo municipality (or Pelé soccer club) 
Uruguay city associated with corned beef 
Chilean city (pop 170,000) US city (pop 3.8 million) 
Four-letter Syrian city previously known as Emesa 
Indian city now called Chennai 
Second largest city of Syria after Aleppo 
Town in Victoria, Australia or 1066 battle site 
Australian city or small Scottish terriers 
Australian town named after Sir Charles Todd's wife 

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