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Name the ...AnswerYear
First man in orbit1961
First commercially sponsored communications satellite1962
Sedative (chlordiazepoxide) developed1963
Disease linked to Smoking (by the US Surgeon General)1964
Theory confirmed by Penzias and Wilson 1965
Planet crashed into by Venera 31966
Animal that begins to learn American Sign Language1967
First heart transplant pioneer surgeon1968
First moonwalker1969
Ill-fated space mission1970
First e-book (the original was written in 1776)1971
Spacecraft that orbitted Mars1972
First space station launched1973
Ernő Rubik invention1974
Bill Gates and Paul Allen company1975
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak company1976
Planet whose rings were discovered by the Kuiper Airborne Observatory1977
First test tube baby1978
Contagious disease that was globally eradicated1979
Spacecraft that reached Saturn1980
Name the ...AnswerYear
Space Shuttle launched1981
First genetically modified plant approved for sale1982
Global disease that was first reported1983
Alternative name for bovine spongiform encephalopathy1984
Location of a hole that was discovered1985
Space Station launched by the USSR1986
Antidepressant that made its US debut1987
Stephen Hawking book1988
Gas that reached 350 ppm (global concentration)1989
Telescope placed into orbit1990
First spacecraft to visit an asteroid 1991
Science author (Foundation) who died1992
Term coined when 200 e-mails were accidently sent simultaneously1993
Countries joined by the Channel Tunnel1994
Programming language announced1995
First mammal to be successfully cloned 1996
Computer that defeated Garry Kasparov1997
Location of the world's longest-span suspension bridge1998
Smartphone introduced by RIM1999
Politicians (Either) to announce the human genome2000

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