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Body Parts
Layer at back of eyeball 
Curved bone in the chest 
Part of a tooth buried in jaw 
Photoreceptor cell in eye 
Final section of large intestine 
Chemical related to DNA 
Element: Ra 
Element: Rn 
Element: Ru 
Element: Rh 
Element: Rb 
Element: Re 
Angle bigger than 180 degrees 
Half of a circle's diameter 
Parallelogram (often no right angles) 
Quadrilateral with 90-degree angles 
Horizontal line of numbers 
Quantity left over after a division 
Mixed Bag
Method of heat transfer 
Scale for measuring earthquakes 
Life process: creation of offspring 
Cud-chewing mammal 
Spin of a body on its axis 
Vehicle capable of reaching space 
Sally: physicist and astronaut 
Hermann: inkblot tests 
Wilhelm: X-rays 
Ernest: nuclear physics 
Bertrand: philosophy, math 
C. V.: Light scattering 
Mammal: family Leporidae 
Mammal: genus Procyon 
Rodent: subfamily Murinae 
Mammal: order Perissodactyla 
Bird: genus Corvus 
Mammal: genus Rangifer 

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