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Can you name the words that end in RE?

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Worship with profound reverenceA
Trumpet sound at JerichoB
Nuns of the order of St. _____C
In nakedness and ____ poverty (Deuteronomy)D
Teutonic goddess of spring and fertilityE
Baptism of ____F
Book of demonic spells and evil magicG
Animal associated with EasterH
Ritually uncleanI
Daughter of Zeus and DemeterK
Da Vinci's 'St. John the Baptist' museumL
Headdress worn by bishopM
Where you'd find the word 'Trinity' in the bibleN
Jude the _______O
Christian priest or monkP
Obsolete spelling of 'Choir'Q
Regard with reverence and aweR
Found on the top of a churchS
Shaved head of a monkT
What the moneylenders didU
He would recoil from a crucifixV
The _____ of Babylon or 'Babylon the Great'W
Bible stories are from 'The days of ____'Y

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