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Can you name the words or terms with 'red' in the name?

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It's rolled out for celebrities
Red (poisoned) fruit given to Snow White
Humanitarian organization founded by Clara Barton
Energy drink that gives you wiiiings
Caught in the act
Beef or lamb for example
It transports oxygen around the body
Rudolph's schnozz
Boston MLB team
Excessive bureaucracy regarding official rules and formalities
Flight leaving very late at night
Drink made from dark colored grape varieties
Highest state of emergency
Manfred von Richthofen
British soldier, during the American Revolution
Detroit NHL team
Thomas Harris' novel or creature on the Welsh flag
Small, old, relatively cool star, or a British comedy TV show
Flushed with embarrassment or anger
Animal associated with cunning behavior
Area of a football field
Large star of high luminosity
Small arboreal mammal native to China
Cinnamon flavored hard candy
A misleading or distracting clue
Chain of seafood restaurants
Derogatory term for rural, poor white people
Tom Clancy's Typhoon class submarine
Largest mammal native to Australia
Burger chain that originated in Seattle, WA

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