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Capital of Lower Saxony, Germany 
Third-largest French city on Mediterranean coast 
UK's second most populous urban area 
Spanish city or global banking group 
Largest city in the Herzegovina region 
UK terriotry at entrance of the Mediterranean 
Seat of the Parliament of Malaysia 
Largest city in central India 
Spiritual and cultural center for the Sikh religion 
Mongolian city, literally 'Red Hero' 
Turkish city historically referred to as Smyrna 
Pakistani city also known as Pekhaawar 
Moroccan city near entrance of the Mediterranean 
Tunisian city from 'monastery' (Hermit's Cell) 
Capital and largest city of Senegal 
'World's greatest open air museum', Egypt 
Semi-autonomous part of Tanzania 
South African town or English county town 
North America
Texas city named after tenth U.S. President 
Capital of the U.S. state of Colorado 
Canada's southernmost city or UK royal castle 
New York's third most populous city 
2010 Winter Olympics city 
Main campus of the University of Colorado 
South America
ViƱa del ___, Chile 
First colonial capital of Brazil 
Capital city: population under 10,000 
New Zealand city or the inventor of logarithms 

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