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Mixed Bag
QM - _______ Mechanics 
Nickname for the element mercury 
One of five children born at one birth 
Most recent period of geologic time 
Pear-shaped fruit 
Animal which has four feet 
Body and Health
Muscles at the front of the thigh 
Anti-malarial drug 
_______ of life (QOL)  
Bee or Ant 'mother' 
Extinct mammal: genus Equus 
Bird: family Phasianidae 
Bird: family Trogonidae 
Clam: Mercenaria mercenaria 
Marsupial: genus Setonix 
Allocated proportional of a whole 
1,000 raised to the power of five* 
One-fourth of a circle 
Result of division 
Four sided shape 
The Sky
Building block of elementary particle 
Distant, immensely bright object 
_____-Stellar Object 
Kuiper belt object ('Kwawar') 
First ___ moon or Last ___ moon 
On Earth
Excavation or pit for mining 
Soft boggy area of land 
Tremble (especially of the earth) 
Calcium oxide (used in cement) 
Common mineral made of silica 

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