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Body Parts
The kneecap 
Bony structure near base of spine 
Large gland behind the stomach 
Male genital organ 
Endocrine gland at base of brain 
Element: P 
Element: K 
Element: Pt 
Element: Pu 
Element: Pd 
Mixed Bag
Planet 1930-2006 :( 
State of matter 
Particle found in atom's nucleus 
Constellation and sign of zodiac 
Glass for refracting rays of light 
Lines than can never intersect 
Distance around a polygon 
Five sided polygon 
Number with factors 1 and itself 
Result of two multiplied numbers 
Louis: principles of vaccination 
Max: quantum theory 
Linus: molecular structure 
Blaise: theory of probabilities 
Ancient Greek: a² + b² = c² 
Large cat: genus Puma 
Aquatic bird: family Spheniscidae 
Mammal: subfamily Suinae 
Sea mammal: suborder Delphinoidea 
Mammal: order Monotremata 

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