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Can you name the missing word in this four letter word ladder?

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Medical photograph 
It carries your breakfast to bed 
Wheeled vehicle that runs on rails 
Baseball or football squad 
Shade of green tinged with blue 
Cure of illness or disease 
Where sinners end up 
Frame or body of ship 
Long-winged sea bird 
Mexico, Naples or California feature 
Sport played by Tiger Woods 
Better than bronze or silver 
Communicated information to 
Lacquered or enameled metalware 
A narrative or story 
Deficient in color 
Remove the skin off an apple 
A short paratrooper ! 
Mama's partner 
Spiritual father; specifically, the pope 
Promontory or headland 
Block of solid wax or soap 
Bring into being 
Tyson or Myers 
Having similar characteristics 
Thin continuous pen mark 
Fabric used for dressing wounds 
Lean to one side (as a ship) 
Mona or Simpson 
The capital city of Peru 
Chauffeur driven luxurious car 
Inflatable air mattress 
One thousand grams 
East Indian tree yielding tanning resin 
Important chess piece 
Make melodious sounds 
Fall to a lower place or level 
Soft thread produced by caterpillars 
Be silently sullen 
George Takei's Star Trek Character 
Bantu tribeperson 
MISSING WORD (not part of ladder) 

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