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Can you name the four letter 'OU' words?

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'OU' Clue'OU' Word
Archaic form of 'You'
Thick cushion used as a seat
Overwhelming defeat
Brooding or showing ill humor
Hey, that hurt !
Thrust out one's lower lip
Rain heavily
The human embodiment
Having an acidic taste
Painful inflammation of joints
Imbecile or thug
Open-air Arabian market
'OU' Clue'OU' Word
Journey for pleasure
Poor tackle at a football game
Eject from a position; force out
A thickening, made of flour
Greek anise-flavored liquor
Liquid food
Dissolute man
Illegal change of government
Of great volume in sound
Naming word
Boxing Match
Possessive form of 'You'
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