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QUIZ: Can you name the words that begin with the last 3 letters of the previous word? ?

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Nude above the waist or hips
A short literary composition on a particular theme or subject
Something, such as an adage or maxim
To take, as food, into the body
Regarded with respect or admiration
Relating or belonging to the Middle Ages
Sentimental cards sent to loved ones (often anonymously)
_________ Dorma, famed Pavarotti aria
A 'Morning' by The Velvet Underground, or an 'Afternoon' by the Small Faces
A range of fluorescent inks or brightness of the sky
Non-capitalized letters
Performed under sterile conditions
Also called 'naughts and crosses'
An ingrown one can be painful
A physical disorder or illness
Ensnarl or intertwine
Full of jubilation and delight (like Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison?)
Punctuation indicating the end of a sentence (two words)

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