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Can you name the one-syllable words that rhyme with Ood (Ude)?

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Regarded with a particular attitude
Obscene, vulgar
Scattered or spread (things) untidily
Made a voice like a dove
What the cows did
Tried to gain the love of
Person who pretends to be an intellectual
Nutritious substance
A quarter of an acre
Scottish variant of good (or God)
Provided a craft with people to operate it
Bitterly regretted
Offensively impolite or bad-mannered
Prompted an actor
Mentally sharp or clever
Having a specified type of color
Showed verbal disapproval
Family of birds or young animals
One of the Twelve Apostles
In a natural or raw state
Cooked slowly in liquid
Mutual enmity or quarrel
Fastened with an adhesive substance
Frightened away, discouraged
Expelled (something) rapidly and forcibly
Made beer (or coffee)
Wearing no clothes; naked
A woman's small netlike cap
Lined up with people waiting
Temporary state of mind or feeling
Instituted legal proceedings against
One excessively attentive to decorum
Fixed with a metal fastener
Contraction of 'You had' or 'You would'
Sharp dressed man (or dandy)
Contraction of 'Who had'
Turned or placed at an angle

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