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Can you name these one-syllable characters* from The Simpsons?

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Grampa Simpson
Brother of Lisa
KBBL Radio co-host
KBBL anchor
Krusty the Clown Show sidekick
Nuclear Power Plant owner
Youngest Springfield School bully
Scientist, inventor
Unsuccessful salesman
Visually impaired misfortunate man
Springfield judge
Homer older half-brother
Springfield attorney
Bowling instructor
Comic Book Guy
Mayor of Springfield
Tallest Springfield School bully
Channel 6 News anchor
Milhouse's father
Real estate agent
Professional stunt devil
Fat Tony's henchman
Selma Bouvier's adopted daughter
Police officer
Wife of Homer
Ned Flanders' wife
Krusty the Clown Show sidekick
Springfield School bully (leader)
Simpson next door neighbor
Incompetent medical doctor
Chief Wiggum's son
Simpson next door neighbor
Springfield judge
Recidivist criminal
Disco aficionado
Simpson next door neighbor
Ex software billionaire

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