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Can you name the missing words relating to these historic October dates?

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1st (1971)Walt Disney World opens in _______ Florida
2nd (1836)Charles ______ returns from his voyage on HMS Beagle
3rd (1966)Basutoland becomes the independent country of _______
4th (1535)The first complete English-language _____ is printed
5th (1921)The 'World ______' is broadcast on the radio
6th (1883)The 'Orient Express' travels from _____ to Istanbul on its maiden run
7th (1919)The worlds oldest airline ___ is established in the Netherlands
8th (2004)Martha _______ begins her prison sentence
9th (1967)Che _______ is executed in Bolivia
10th (1886)The ______ dinner jacket makes its debut
11th (1899)The 'Second ____ War' begins in South Africa
12th (1692)The '_____ Witch Trials' end
13th (54)________ is poisoned. His stepson Nero succeeds him
14th (1066)William the Conqueror defeats the English at the battle of ________
15th (1951)'I Love ____' appears on US television
16th (1962)The 'Cuban _______ Crisis' begins
17th (1933)Albert ________, fleeing Nazi Germany moves to the US
18th (1898)Puerto Rico is taken over by America from the _______
19th (1987)Black ______ - the Dow Jones falls by 22%
20th (1973)The '______ Opera House' is opened
21st (1805)Admiral _______ Nelson dies in the battle of Trafalgar
22nd (1962)Nelson Mandela goes on trial for _______ in South Africa
23rd (1958)'The ______' (a fictional race of blue dwarves) appear for the first time
24th (1929)Yom ______ War ends
25th (1854)The infamous '______ of the light brigade' takes place
26th (1881)The 'Gunfight at the O.K. Corral' takes place in _________ Arizona
27th (1938)Du Pont announces _____ is the name for its new synthetic yarn
28th (1636)_______, America's oldest university is founded
29th (1836)The 'International ___ Cross' is founded by Henri Dunant
30th (1905)_______ developed by the German company Bayer
31st (2011)The world population reaches seven _______ (United Nations)

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