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Can you name the missing words relating to these historic November dates?

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1st (1512)Michelangelo's paintings at _______ Chapel are revealed to the public
2nd (1947)Howard Hughes takes the Spruce _____ on its first and only flight
3rd (1957)Russia launches a dog named _____ into space
4th (2008)______ Obama becomes the first African-American to be elected US President
5th (1605)Guy ______ is arrested trying to blow up the English Parliament
6th (1869)________ are discovered at Kimberley, South Africa
7th (1908) Butch Cassidy and the ________ Kid are reportedly killed
8th (1519)Hernán ______ enters Tenochtitlán
9th (1620)Pilgrims aboard the _________ sight land at Cape Cod
10th (1871)Henry Stanley locates the missing missionary David ___________
11th (1918)At the 11th ____ on the 11th day of the 11th month World War I ends
12th (1982)Yuri ________ succeeds Leonid Brezhnev
13th (2001)The Taliban abandons Afghanistan's capital of _____
14th (1851)______ Melville's novel Moby Dick is published
15th (1956)Elvis Presley's first movie 'Love Me ______' premieres
16th (1988)Pakistan elect Benazir ______ to be Prime Minister
17th (1869)The ____ Canal opens
18th (1928)Mickey Mouse made his debut in _________ Willie
19th (1863)Abraham Lincoln, delivers the '_________' address
20th (1945)The _________ war crimes tribunal begins
21th (1877)Thomas ______ announces his invention of the phonograph
22nd (1497)Vasco da ____ sails around the Cape of Good Hope
23rd (1963)Doctor ___, starring William Hartnell, is shown on TV for the first time
24th (1859)Charles Darwin's Origin of _______ is published
25th (1963)JFK is buried at _________ National Cemetery
26th (1922)Howard ______ and Lord Caernavon discover the tomb of Tutankhamun
27th (1582)William Shakespeare marries Anne ________
28th (1943)Churchill, Roosevelt, and ______ meet in Tehran to discuss war strategy
29th (1947)The UN votes for the partition of Palestine and the creation of ______
30th (2004)Ken Jennings ends his 74-game winning spree on the game show, ________

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