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Shakespeare play set in Messina, Sicily
Sinead O Connor song, Prince reportedly wrote about Susannah Melvoin
'...except my genius' (Oscar Wilde)
Dire Straits hit written by Mark Knopfler and Sting
Metallica hit, from the album Metallica
'In this world......except death and taxes ' (Benjamin Franklin)
Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz hit for: Keith Whitley,Alison Krauss and Ronan Keating
Thesis first argued by Parmenides: 'ex nihilo nihil fit'
Whitney Houston power ballad from The Bodyguard
Don't mention this Nastassja Kinski, William Baldwin film (2001)
'Aut Caesar, aut nihil' (motto of Cesare Borgia) translation
Starship hit (theme to Mannequin)
1986 film starring Tom Hanks (Jackie Gleason's final movie)
'You..... but a hound dog' .composition by Leiber and Stoller
Manuel's catchphrase (Fawlty Towers)
This means..... Oh Vienna (1981 Ultravox hit)
The truth, the whole truth and....

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