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Can you name these words that are the same length as the months and begin with the same three letters?

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Person who maintains a building7 Letters Jan
Made a noise with some keys7 Letters Jan
Producing fever8 Letters Feb
To take as a spouse5 Letters Mar
Wet land with grassy vegetation5 Letters Mar
Coming after in time5 Letters Apr
Garment often worn in the kitchen5 Letters Apr
Old or discarded material4 Letters Jun
The Wife of Jupiter4 Letters Jun
County of Xingtai City, China4 Letters Jul
______ Stables (Labors of Hercules)6 Letters Aug
Sign of what will happen6 Letters Aug
No longer together9 Letters Sep
Chamber that is used as a grave9 Letters Sep
Eight-sided polygon7 Letters Oct
Carnivorous marine animal7 Letters Oct
Author or story writer8 Letters Nov
Historically important Russian city 8 Letters Nov
Stoppered glass container8 Letters Dec
Broken down by hard use8 Letters Dec

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