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Ark builderNoa
Group of gaseous elementsNob
Active at nightNoc
Big Ears best friendNod
The Christmas season; yuletideNoe
Quarter of a pintNog
In no way; not at all (Not standard)Noh
Having an extremely offensive smellNoi
Finnish communications corporationNok
Dark Knight director Christopher ...Nol
Being such in name onlyNom
Polygon with nine sidesNon
Tube of pastaNoo
Four letter slang for 'No'Nop
____ Lewa (My Girl)Noq
Of or relating to ScandinaviaNor
Bram Stoker term for 'Vampire'Nos
Famous for some bad quality or deedNot
Chewy or brittle candyNou
A short prose taleNov
Not in or to any placeNow
Harmful or poisonousNox
'The Highwayman' poet Alfred ...Noy
Spout at the end of a pipeNoz

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