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Can you provide the answers to each of these clues related to people and events of 2015?

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What slogan was adopted by Parisians in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo shootings? January
Which Saudi Arabian king died aged 90?January
Viviana Fein announced an arrest warrant draft for which country's President?February
Which movie was voted best picture winner at the Academy awards?February
Who answered questions about the use of her private email account?March
Which political party triumphed in the Israeli election?March
Which former New England Patriot tight end was found guilty of murder?April
Mohammed Morsi was sentenced to how many years in prison?April
What did the Duchess of Cambridge name her new-born daughter?May
What natural disaster occurred in Nepal, for the second time in three weeks?May
Who beat Lucie Safarova, 6-3, 6-7, 6-2 to win the French tennis open?June
Which FIFA President announced his intention to resign?June
The U.S. beat which team to win the FIFA Women's World Cup?July
The Confederate flag was removed from the statehouse of which state? July
Who, during a Republican debate, refused to pledge allegiance to the eventual party nominee?August
The German Parliament voted on and approved a third bailout for which country?August
Malcolm Turnbull replaced who as Australia's Prime Minister?September
Which company was accused of rigging diesel emissions tests?September
Which Canadian Prime Minister was elected to office 47 years after his father?October
Which country ended its one-child policy after 35 years?October
What was the name of the Parisian concert hall attacked by ISIS terrorists?November
Which team won their first Davis Cup since 1936?November
A new 'Star Wars' movie made its debut -- with what three other words in its title?December
Which TV host mistakenly named the wrong Miss Universe?December

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