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Can you name the last word of these movies beginning with X or Z?

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Zapped ___!Kelli Williams (1982)
Zoro, The Gay ___George Hamilton (1981)
X-Men: First ___James McAvoy (2011)
Zoltan, Hound of ___Michael Pataki (1978)
Xtro II: The Second ___Paul Koslo (1991)
Ziegfeld ___Fred Astaire (1946)
Zorba the ___Anthony Quinn (1964)
Zero ___!Dana Andrews (1957)
Zarkorr! The ___Don Yanan (1996)
No J answerNo J answer
Zero ___Stars: Stellan (1995)
Zorro's Fighting ___Reed Hadley (1939)
Zero ___Dana Ivgy (2014)
(A) Zed & Two ___Andréa Ferréol (1985)
No O answerNo O answer
Zack and Miri Make a ___Seth Rogen (2008)
No Q answerNo Q answer
Zyzzyx ___Katherine Heigl (2006)
Zoot ___Daniel Valdez (1981)
Zero Dark ___Jessica Chastain (2012)
XXX: State of the ___Willem Dafoe (2005)
No V answerNo V answer
X-Men Origins: ___Hugh Jackman (2009)
xXx (Triple ___)Vin Diesel (2002)
(The) Zero ___Vicky Harris (2005)
Zig ___John Leguizamo (2002)

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