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Can you name the last word of these movies (YA-YZ)?

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You ___Kristen Bell (2010)
Yogi ___Dan Aykroyd (2010)
You So ___Martin Lawrence (1994)
Yankee Doodle ___James Cagney (1942)
Young ___John Howard (1988)
Young ___Gene Wilder (1974)
Young ___Emilio Estevez (1988)
Your ___Natalie Portman (2011)
Young and ___Nova Pilbeam (1937)
Yossi & ___Ohad Knoller (2002)
Young Dr. ___Lionel Barrymore (1938)
Young Doctors in ___Demi Moore (1982)
Yes ___Jim Carrey (2008)
Your Friends & ___Nastassja Kinski (1998)
Year ___Jack Black (2009)
You Ought to Be in ___Mel Blanc (1940)
___No Q answerNo Q answer
Youth in ___Michael Cera (2009)
Yellow ___The Beatles (1968)
You Only Live ___Sean Connery (1967)
No U answerNo U answer
(The) Young ___Emily Blunt (2009)
Young ___Robert Shaw (1972)
No X answerNo X answer
Your Studio and ___Sylvester Stallone (1995)*
You Don't Mess with the ___Adam Sandler (2008)

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