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Wrongfully ___Leslie Nielsen (1998)
Winter's ___Jennifer Lawrence (2010)
Wedding ___Owen Wilson (2005)
Watership ___John Hurt (1978)
Wyatt ___Kevin Costner (1994)
What Planet Are You ___Annette Bening (2000)
Working ___Melanie Griffith (1998)
White ___James Cagney (1949)
War, ___John Cusack (2008)
White Men Can't ___Woody Harrelson (1992)
What Maisie ___Julianne Moore (2012)
Walk the ___Joaquin Phoenix (2005)
(The) Wolf ___Lon Chaney Jr. (1941)
White ___Michael Keaton (2005)
(The) Wizard of ___‎Judy Garland (1939)
Without a ___Matthew Lillard (2004)
White Cannibal ___Al Cliver (1980)
Who Framed Roger ___Bob Hoskins (1988)
Wall ___Michael Douglas(1987)
Wild ___Denise Richards (1998)
Western ___Randolph Scott (1941)
Waltzes from ___Jessie Matthews (1934)
Wayne's ___Mike Myers (1992)
Woman ___Simon Wilson (2002)*
(The) Whole Nine ___Bruce Willis (2000)
We Bought a ___Matt Damon (2007)

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